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If you are a foreigner and you’re willing to move to Portugal or if you are an emigrated Portuguese citizen who wish to come back to Portugal, the government provides beneficial tax rates with the Non-habitual  resident regime. This program offers exclusive tax benefits to all the foreigners who establish their official fiscal residence in Portugal.

There are more and more foreigners and retired people who take advantage of these benefits. However, to be recognized as an official non-habitual resident you must fit some requirements.

Get to know all the advantages of being a non-habitual resident and what does it take to be accepted in this program:

Approved in 2009, this program provides exclusive tax regime benefits for a 10-year period to all the ones who request the official fiscal residence in Portugal. This program aims to engage to Portugal “non-resident skilled and graduated professionals, who will become a plus to our intellectual and industrial property contributing with their know-how. On the other hand, the program was also created to attract retired people who will receive their old age pension.”, according to the guide IRS – Regime Fiscal para o Residente Não habitual”, available in Portuguese Fiscal Home Page.

What is the tax regime for a non-habitual resident?

Portugal provides tax regime advantages to foreigners and retired people.

Who has the right to obtain a non-habitual resident status in Portugal?

The non-habitual resident status can be requested by anyone who fits these requirements:

  1. Has not lived in Portugal for the last five years and intends to move in to Portugal.
  2. To be a resident in Portugal you need to register your fiscal address in Portugal in Serviço Local de Finanças (Fiscal Department) and live in Portugal for 183 days a year consequent or not, or have your main residence in Portugal.
  3. Request the Non-Habitual Resident status in the same day you register you official fiscal address in Portugal or until March 31st of the following year.

Do you want to work in Portugal?

If you work in Portugal you will benefit from a permanent 20% tax. This reduced tax applies to all professionals considered as a high added value to scientific, artistic or technological finality. Such as:


  • Architects, engineers and similar,
  • Visual artists, actors and musicians                
  • Auditors                  
  • Doctors and dentists, teachers and psychologists.           
  • Liberal professions, technicians
  • High level executives;
  • Investors, managers who are integrated in the companies which are eligible for the program according to the Legislation. 

The Non-Habitual Resident application entitles you the right to be taxed as a Non-habitual resident for a period of 10 years following the day of your requirement.

Do you want to take advantage of your retirement in Portugal?

If you are retired, you can also apply for the Non-residential Status, which means all the pensions paid by another country and tax free in Portugal. This happens because you have the right of being protected from double taxing. There is an official agreement where the resident country should be the one taxing and in this case, Portugal doesn’t charge taxes in non-Portuguese pensions.


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