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Tax Exemptions and Reductions


Several fiscal benefits are presently availble for foreigners wishing to live in Portugal. These benefits were created to attract qualified professionals in added value activities. The fiscal frame of Non-Habitual has the following advantages:


- Exemption over retirement pensions, received in other countries
- 20 % as a special reduced tax rate, for income coming from professional services




The citizens that wish to benefit from theses advantages need to be legally established as residents in Portuguese territory and not having been living in the country for the past 5 years.


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Our legal partners provide a full consulting service, dealing with all the necessary documentation and burocracy.


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Portugal, Europe's Paradise...


The number of foreigners establishing themselves in Portugal during a few months or the all year is continuously increasing. Climate, safety, peacefulness and cost of life are the main factors that lead many people to buy a property in Cascais, Lisbon or Algarve. These factors allow these immigrants to enjoy an increased purchasing power and quality of life, than the one they would benefit from in their own countries, with their retirement income.


Fiscal Benefits


The fiscal benefits offered in Portugal with the non-habitual resident condition, stress even more this attracting power of the country. This special condition allows the tax exemption for retirement incomes received by new fiscal residents. In practice, with this legal frame, a retired imigrant in Portugal, isn't taxed during 10 years.

Other benefits


The high quality infrastructures, makes travelling to and inside the country increasingly easy. With competitive flying tarifs, Portugal is one of most desired world destinies.


The health system is well distributed throughout the contry, with modern and well equipped units, working with the major world insurance internacional companies. World Health Report considered the portuguese health system at 12th in world ranking by World Health Organization (OMS). English language is also well mastered by the majority of doctors and nurses, allowing for easy communication.


With one of richest and most diversified gastronomies in the world, wonderful beaches and a big cultural diversity, reflected in its monuments and cities, this country is also known by its diverse geography, fauna and flora, making of Portugal the Europe's Paradise.


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Housy provides services in the Real Estate Investments field, with an option of business operation, acting in 3 complementary areas:

Real Estate
Short Rental


We also provide additional services to the investment process, through certified partners in tax, legal and financial consulting.


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Housy provides a 360º Service in the Real Estate Investment area, with the option of managing and optimizing the profitability of each client's real estate, articulating 3 complementary areas of activity:

We also provide support services for the entire investment process, through certified partners in tax, legal and financial advice.

We also provide support services for the entire investment process, through certified partners in tax, legal and financial advice.

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